Meet Michele Bourque: Owner, Kwemaa

Michele is a First Nations woman from of Turtle Island, a band member of Aamjiwnaang First Nation, and her Indian name is Pedahsekwe, which means "woman of the rising sun". Though she does not speak Ojibway, she has limited understanding of it.

Most of her 38 year Government career was working with programs to help improve the health and wellness in First Nations and Inuit communities.  She considers it a privilege to have been able to do such work and to have visited approximately 200 Indigenous communities throughout Canada.

Throughout her life, Michele has actively enjoyed sports, playing softball, volleyball, broom-ball, and badminton; but her favorite was women's fastball!  She played it until she was 45.

Now in her 60s, Michele has moved away from sports and devotes more time to one of her other passions: helping others.  She strongly believes in the teachings of the Anishnawbe. Her grandmother told her, "We are here to make the best of our life and live in harmony with others."  She does her best to live her life following both the 7 grandfathers and the medicine wheel teachings.

Helping others to live their best lives is part of what brought Michele to develop Kwemaa - an online store devoted to products that help people to live healthier, happier lives...